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Forex online is an attractive business and every online forex broker offers amazing bonus packages to young and new forex traders. There are several different types of bonus packages offered to novice forex traders but before you take the hold of most attractive and generous forex broker offer, it should be your responsibility to carefully realize the difference between the real offer and the fake one.

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First of all, you need to figure out why your online forex trading broker will offer you attractive bonuses and amazing discounts? Just like stock exchange business, your online forex trading broker will try his best to pull in new forex traders and honors the existing members. When your cellular phone company can offer you free air time or extra hours offer, online forex trading brokers can happily offer real cash bonuses to their new and existing customers in order to encourage them to start trading with real money in forex exchange and to enjoy the benefits of a regular forex trade. Most of the forex trading broker’s bonuses and giveaways are generally very pleasant and novice traders can also get surprising offers on their first deposit but you should always keep this in mind that nothing comes for nothing…

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In my personal opinion, the best way to read the bonus system is to take it as a marketing promotion proposed in the form of extra or free cash, as a tool by online forex trading brokers to attract novice trades to their forex trading websites. Before you learn about different types of forex bonuses, here are some of the basic but important terms and conditions that you might find out while looking at the bonus offer:
Traders have to buy or sell minimum 10 lots in their real forex trading account to get $25 bonus by their forex trading broker. Remember, one mini lot represents 10,000 currency units that a trader will choose to purchase or trade.

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The forex trader will not be eligible to withdraw the specific amount of bonus until it is ransomed. The money will be in your account but only broker can able to release it.
The trader can not abuse the bonus offer. Bonuses are offered according to forex trader’s account and according to household environment.

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